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How to Manage Event Attendance with the Check-In Feature
How to Manage Event Attendance with the Check-In Feature
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Managing attendees efficiently and gaining key insights into event attendance is essential for successful event coordination. The Check-In feature is a valuable tool that simplifies this process. With the ability to check attendees into your event at the click of a button, you can effortlessly track who has arrived.

Step 1: Select the Check-In tab

Navigate within the attendee management section. Look for the "Check-In" tab, which is available under the "Manage Attendees" section. This tab is where you can handle your event's check-in information.

Step 2: Checking in Attendees

In this step, your list of attendees is readily displayed, and you can conveniently scroll through it alphabetically. To check in an attendee, simply click on the "Check-In" button next to their name. This streamlined process ensures efficient attendee management.

Step 3: Confirming Check-In

After clicking the check-in button, it will change to a green ticket, and the status bar tracking the number of attendees successfully checked in will increase.

Should you accidentally check in the wrong individual and need to make a quick correction, you can simply click the green tick to uncheck the attendee. This feature provides flexibility and helps you maintain accurate attendance records.

The Check-In feature is a powerful addition to your event management toolkit. It streamlines the check-in process and provides real-time insights into attendance, ensuring your event runs smoothly and successfully. With the ability to manage your attendees at a click of a button, you have a powerful tool for efficient event coordination.

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