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Managing Attendees List and Ticket Payments
Managing Attendees List and Ticket Payments
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Managing event attendees and ticket payments is a critical aspect of ensuring your event runs smoothly. This guide will walk you through the process of manually adding attendee information for complimentary tickets or offline payments. From accessing the attendee list to specifying payment methods and assigning registration forms, you'll learn how to efficiently handle your event's invitee list.

Step 1: Access the Attendee List tab

Begin by navigating to the "Attendee List" tab, conveniently located under the "Manage Attendees" section. This is your starting point for efficiently managing your event's attendee list.

Step 2: Adding an Attendee

Click on the "Add Attendee +" button to proceed with adding a new attendee to your list.

Step 3: Choose the Payment Method

In this step, you have the option to manually record the payment method used by the attendee to purchase their ticket or whether the ticket is complimentary. This step ensures you maintain accurate records of financial transactions related to your event.

Step 4: Specify Ticket Quantity

In this step, input the quantity of tickets sold to the individual attendee or the number of tickets assigned as complementary. This helps you manage the allocation of tickets effectively.

Step 5: Proceed to the Next Step

After providing all the necessary information, proceed by selecting the 'Next' button to continue with the ticket assignment process.

Step 6: Enter Attendee Information

Fill in the essential details in the provided fields, including the primary contacts email, first name, and last name.

Step 7: Enable or Disable Confirmation Emails

In this step, you can choose to enable or disable the option to send a confirmation email to the assigned attendees.

Step 8: Assign Registration Form to the Primary or New Guest

In this step, you have the flexibility to assign the registration form either to the primary guest or to a new guest.

Step 9: Unassigning a Ticket from the Registration Form

If you wish to unassign a ticket from the registration form, follow these steps: Click on the three dots located next to the registration form, and then select "Unassign Ticket."

Step 10: Confirm and Place Your Order

After reviewing and confirming that the inputted information is accurate, proceed by clicking the "Place Order" button.

Step 11: View Your Placed Orders

Once you've successfully placed your attendee orders with all the provided information, you can easily access and review them in your attendee list.

By following these steps, you can confidently manage your event's attendees and ticket payments, ensuring that every aspect of the process is accurate and well-organized. Whether you're offering complimentary tickets or recording offline payments, this guide empowers you to take control of your event's attendee management. Your attendee list will be up to date and easily accessible for a seamless event experience.

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