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How to Set Up the About Page
How to Set Up the About Page
Updated over a week ago

Setting up your event in HelloCrowd is a simple and straightforward process. The About Page in HelloCrowd contains important information related to your event. Here's how to set up your event in HelloCrowd.

Step 1: Access the About Page

From the Event Builder, navigate to the About Page. This is where you can add important information related to your event

Step 2: Add an event title

First, let's start with the event title. Keep in mind that the maximum character limit for the event title is 60, so make it short and sweet. This title will be what attendees search for in the HelloCrowd app.

Step 3: Add your event dates

Next, select your event dates from the date dropdown. This will automatically create your event agenda outline too. Make sure your dates and times are accurate, as this is crucial for your attendees' experience.

Step 4: Enter your location

Enter your event location using Google Places Autocomplete. If your event is virtual, you can simply select "Virtual" as your location.

Step 5: Localize your event

Make sure to select the correct time zone, date format, and time format for your event. This will ensure that your attendees receive accurate information regarding event times.

Step 5: Add rich content to your event description

The About Page is the perfect place to provide your attendees with more information about your event. Add rich content such as videos, images, and links to create an engaging and informative description.

And that's it! Your about page is complete. We hope this guide was helpful, and we look forward to seeing your amazing events on our platform.

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