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How to Add Exhibitors
How to Add Exhibitors
Updated over a week ago

When organizing an event, adding exhibitors to your event is a great way to provide attendees with additional opportunities to engage with vendors, learn about new products or services, and network with other professionals. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of adding exhibitors manually using the event builder.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add exhibitors manually in the event builder:

Step 1: Add the exhibitors feature

To add an exhibitor, you first need to add the exhibitors feature to your event menu. From the Event Builder, navigate to the event menu section and select the "ADD icon" next to "Exhibitor" to add the feature.

Step 2: Access the Exhibitor section

After adding the exhibitor feature, navigate to the event menu on the event builder and select the "Exhibitor" section to enter it.

Step 3: Click on "Add Exhibitor"

Once you're in the exhibitor section, click on the "Add Exhibitor" button to create a new exhibitor profile.

Step 4: Enter exhibitor details

Enter the following details for the exhibitor:

  • Exhibitor name: This is the name of the company or organization that will be exhibiting at your event. It's important to enter the name correctly as it will appear on the event website and other marketing materials.

  • Contact number: Enter the phone number of the exhibitor. This is another important contact information that will help you communicate with the exhibitor before and during the event.

  • Email address: Enter the email address of the exhibitor. This information will be useful to connect with the exhibitor for any communication related to the event. You can choose to hide the email address if you think that is necessary.

  • Website: Enter the website URL of the exhibitor. This will help attendees learn more about the exhibitor's products or services before or after the event.

  • Exhibitor description: Add a brief description of the exhibitor and its offerings. This description will appear on the exhibitor's profile page and provide attendees with a quick overview of what the exhibitor is offering.

  • Profile image: Upload an image of the exhibitor's logo or a representative image. This image will appear on the exhibitor's profile page, and it should be high-quality and represent the exhibitor's brand.

  • Category: Select a category for the exhibitor to help attendees easily identify exhibitors that are of interest to them. You can create categories like Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Technology, Hospitality, Finance, etc. This will help attendees filter and find exhibitors that align with their interests.

  • Documents: You can upload any relevant documents such as exhibitor brochures, promotional materials, etc. This is an excellent opportunity to provide attendees with more information about the exhibitor's products or services.

By following these simple steps, you can manually add an exhibitor to your event in the event builder. Exhibitors can be a valuable addition to your event, offering attendees new opportunities to learn, engage, and network. By taking advantage of the exhibitor feature in your event builder, you can make it easy for attendees to connect with vendors and learn about new products or services.

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